Founded in 1984, the program conducts a six-day leadership training program for 130 students and one academic-year workshop for camp alumni and their parents. Training in diverse aspects of leadership, cultural activities to enhance self esteem, college preparedness and career information are provided by role models representing law, medicine, education, government, and community volunteer organizations.

The IEFLP Summer Leadership conference is a six-day conference for eighth- and ninth-grade students that this year will take place in Idyllwild, CA at the Idyllwild Pines Camp. A nominal $40 fee is requested per participant to help cover costs of the conference t-shirt, conference picture and other items.

Much emphasis is placed on public speaking, cultural pride, motivation for academic success, and encouragement for school and community involvement. An inherent theme throughout the program encourages love, respect, and responsibility for parents and country.

Research indicates that parents play a pivotal role in whether students attend college or not. Workshops for parents, therefore, are considered to be of paramount importance.

Three major concerns gave rise to the project:

  • Nearly one out of two Hispanic students enrolling in kindergarten will drop out before graduating from high school
  • Few college-potential Hispanic students enroll in college
  • College entrance requirements call for consideration of the grade point average for the last three years of high school.It is deemed imperative that the project be implemented at an early age, in time to have students put its ideas into practice while still in high school.